3 Things To Do In Bluffton With Kids Under Five For Free 2019

Curtis Gorlich

Last Updated Feb 17, 2020

Husband, Father of Two, Writer, Business Coach, & Serial Entrepreneur

Originally Published June 28, 2019

We get it (well almost since our oldest is four) but have a three and four year old.

If you are reading this, I bet if we figured out how in the hell they wake up at six in the morning ready to rock and roll and put it in a pill you’d buy it, but most likely you are looking for a way to burn off your little one’s energy.

So we have you covered…

1.) Playgrounds…and there are plenty around here thankfully…Since our site is brand new and this is actually our first blog post you will have to bear with us, but on our parks page, we have a few listed.

2.) Long walks/runs on a nature trail. This time of year isn’t hunting season and Victoria Bluff on Saw Mill Creek Rd. is usually vacant and unlike the Pinckney Island between the bridges to Hilton Head, isn’t as crowded and doesn’t’ have nearly as long as a walk to get to actual wooded paths.

3.) Alljoy Boat Landing/Beach located at the end of Alljoy road has a great area to look over the water as well as a small “beach” to splash around in. Plus it is a great place to grab a good photo

If you have a favorite spot you would like to share, let us know and we will add it to the site. Hope this helps some weary-eyed parents out since we are constantly in your shoes which prompted this post.

We will be adding each week to our blog on places to check out around Bluffton that are both free and paid as well as articles of interest. If there is something you’d like us to cover or would like to be part of our writing team reach out.