About Us

BlufftonOldTown.com is an Island Life Busienss Group, Inc. company that has been helping grow brands in the Lowcountry since 2005.


We saw a need that desperately needed a solution. A place that tourists and locals alike could get up to date information about Old Town Bluffton whether it be where to go, whose playing live music tonight, what places are for rent, as well as service providers, and much much more. Through our extensive network of sister websites, we are in the process of making that vision better every single day.


BlufftonOldTown.com, as well as its sister sites, are all privately owned websites owned by locals who not only grew up here but are active in the community. We are here to help the visitors of our sites find quality information they are looking for as well as help locally owned businesses get their message out. Thank you for visiting our website and are always looking to improve our site so if there is something that is missing or you would like to see improvements please let us know.